Diversity Fleet

Diversity Fleet was founded to instill Federation virtues of progress, exploration, and open minds among Starfleet, and to prevent the undue negative influence of warmongers and spies.

Members of the fleet come from all walks of life, but are expected to strive for prosperity and long life for themselves and others. Espionage operatives are frowned upon generally.

Many cultures have been represented by the fleet’s members. It was founded by Bajoran Exchange Officer Col. Krin and Captain Zvekk, and based at Diversity Station. The fleet also maintains a modest embassy on New Romulus. The fleet is administrated by Captain Zvekk Tr’Avick, a Vulcan citizen who also had a Romulan parent and is supportive of both the Reunification and New Romulus. Zvekk’s administration is overseen by the Starfleet Consultant, an enigmatic individual representing the will of Starfleet Command.

While there are no specific membership requirements, fleet members are generally available to interact with one another on personal and professional levels, are expected not to disparage or take undue advantage of the fleet or its members, and are regarded well for contributing effort and resources to fleet holdings.

Diversity Fleet

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